Indigenous Culture Preservation

Ancient Medicine and the True Wisdom Keepers

K'uychi and Luciano Florez in Macchu Picchu

For thousands of years, the indigenous people know how to speak with the spirit of nature, then we should listen to them, because they are the true Wisdom Keepers, there is no other way if we want to collectively bring about a more conscious, healthy and sustainable world.

Luciano and I come from one of the most ancient cultures, the INKA. In our privileged nature we can find an amazing variety of medicines known within the Inka Ethnopharmacology as Master or Mother Plants, which are considered Sacred according with our Andean Cosmovision.

We are facing a transcendental moment in the timeline of therapies, as we observe how neuroscience begins to explain the profound changes that occur in our brains and revalue all the healing properties of our traditional indigenous medicines.

We understand that the molecules of DMT can rewire and reset our brains, change our perception of the reality as we know, deepen experiences that can take us to another level of consciousness and even spiritual enlightenment.

Now more than ever, our indigenous communities claim for its recognition in the academic field, and calls for more scientific researches which can prove its effectiveness and, above all, its non-invasive nature and less side effects.

K'uychi and Luciano Florez with John Atanasio at Wonderland Miami 2021
Luciano, Ky’uchi & John At Wonderland Miami 2021

At the same time, we demand for its rational, systematic and sustainable use to promote reforestation and avoid its devastation. In the field of the application and practice, we strongly exhort healers of the western world, to respect the sacredness of the spirit of the mother plant, to respect and comply with the Shaman´s recommendations regarding the diet that must be observed before taking DMT.

We advise to follow our prayers, Icaros and rituals, honoring the sacredness of the plant, the people and the communities that still maintain this ancestral heritage. Only in this way can the therapeutic effect of the DMT be enhanced and its healing effect maximized. 

Our mission is to raise awareness in every corner of the planet in regards to the SACREDNESS of the Mother Plants. “Ancestral Medicine for Future Health”. Kuychi & Luciano

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