Psilocybin & Functional Fungi Grow

Holly Scott surrounded by Fungi

Holly is a founding member in our company and is also the proud owner of Fun-gal Farms, a self owned and operated mushroom farm focused on culinary and medicinal varieties including Lion’s Mane, Chestnuts, Reishi, Nameko, King Trumpets, Turkey Tail, Pioppino, Black Pearl Kings, and many varieties of Oyster mushrooms. Holly began her journey into mushrooms as a young girl, spending endless days in the woods with her father search- ing for edibles and learning to cultivate shiitake.

Over the years, she has honed her skills in the lab singling out specific genetics to produce superior specimens. Many of the species currently grown were cloned directly from the wild.

She is looking forward to using these skills to bring only the best specimens to Enlightenment Mental Health. Holly Scott grew up on a 65-acre farm in Harmony, PA, where she foraged for wild mushrooms with her dad. Fungi has been part of her life long before entering the mushroom grow business. These days, her mushrooms start off in Petri dishes, where Scott grows mycelium, the vegetative part of the fungus that has root-like filaments. They are nurtured in a climate-controlled grow center, where a hydro fogger keeps the humidity high. Holly believes that the recent Pandemic has brought great attention to the Health benefits of Fungi.

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